Other projects

On this page you will find links to individual kits and projects that I shouldn't really be doing. Consequently, they will usually have a bit of background associated with them. I have further divided this category as seen below, and given each part it's own page.

Old friends

These are subjects that for whatever reason I have a sufficiently strong connection with that I'm willing to break my own rules and work on, despite them being totally off topic.

Memory lane

I have a history with some kits. Some of those are actually remembered with a degree of fondness. Usually, the physical evidence of their history, if any remains at all, is of such deplorable quality that a return to the kit in question is called for. Those are the ones you'll find here.

Stash denizens

Sometimes kits end up in the stash without really belonging there. Sometimes I build them anyway..

Club projects

All sorts of projects done as part of some form of club activities.


Harrier jump jets.


Bae Hawks, in several types and markings.

Easter eggs

Egg planes, about as silly as it gets, but so what..


Sometimes you just need to roll..

Pokemon projects

No, no silly anime monsters here, but there was that bit about catching them all..
At some point, I got it into my silly skull to see if I could get my paws on the entire 1/72 aircraft section of my old 1981 Matchbox catalog. As usual, things got out of hand..

The 1/72 aircraft section from the 1981 Matchbox catalog.
The 1/72 aircraft section from the 1982 Heller catalog. As a true collector, the idea of just one collection offended me; you should have a collection of collections..
Airfix club exclusive kits. Yeah, I know, they're not that exclusive, but it was a fairly limited set, and I couldn't resist..

Bonus Bunch

The bonus bunch of kits.

Individual kits

2003-11-23 A Brisfit biplane, in civilian markings.
2005-09-30 A Matchbox Bell AH-1 Cobra in US Marine Corps markings.
2015-12-31 Willie the Wolf, a B-26 Marauder, one of the main characters of the stories posted on usenet and his website by the plane's bombardier, Art Kramer.
In progress
Revell 1/48 Sopwith Camel, in the markings of number 9 Naval Air Squadron.
Airfix Tiger Moth, marked as near as 45 year old memories will allow as the plane my mother flew in as a passenger all those years ago in Australia.
On hold
1/48 scale F-16A test and restoration.
1/48 Aeroclub Meteor salvage project
2015-02-01 Supermodel Savoia-Marchetti 73 airliner
AZ Olympia Meise
1/32 Kittyhawk T-6 Texan
On hold
Airfix Vostok

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