Box art

Heller 1982 catalog 1/72 aircraft

With the similar Matchbox project underway, I realised the 1982 Heller catalog was at least as magical a tome as it's Matchbox counterpart. So, just because I could, I went after those too. They were just a bit trickier to find, but I got them too.

Unlike Matchbox, which was literally everywhere when I grew up, Heller was always something of an exotic. Rare kits, of often exotic subjects. Treatment of these is therefore going to be a bit different. I have no intention of limiting myself to straight out of the box builds; if I see a change to improve the kit, I'll grab it, whether it be by scratchbuilding stuff or using after market materials. The raised panel lines will make my life hard in these matters, but I'll take that in stride. Subject wise, I'll stick to the similar philosophy as with Matchbox though: as per the box art if feasable, French if possible if I have to resort to after market markings, the rest of the world a distinct third.

Box art

Individual builds:

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