Easter Eggs

The Japanese are a curious people. Just when you think you've figured them out, and that they are a thouroughly serious people who take themselves and anything they do seriously, in some cases to excess, they come up with something as completely silly as eggplanes. Anyone capable of coming up with that idea must have the ability to see himself and the world around him as one great big joke, which should not be taken too seriously. Of course, they then proceed to take their eggplanes really seriously; these are by no means sloppily produced kits.

I'm not going to say anything about my ability to take things seriously, but I do suffer from the delusion that I'm capable of the occasional bit of self mockery, and so the eggplanes struck a nerve. Being at heart a lazy bum, I tend to treat myself to a week off around Easter every year, and given the traditional link between Easter and eggs, I figured eggplanes might be just the project to start during these breaks. In hopes of turning this into some sort of local habit/tradition, I'll just list the eggplanes by year.

2010-07-25 The 2010 Easter egg, the F-14 Tomcat.
2011-12-31 The 2011 Easter egg, Mig-15 China Connection.
2017-02-15 The 2013 Easter egg, F-4EJ Phantom.

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