Club projects

On this page you will find links to individual kits and projects that I shouldn't really be doing. Consequently, they will usually have a bit of background associated with them. I have further divided this category as seen below, and given each part it's own page.

SIG Naval Aviation

The Dutch IPMS SIG Naval Aviation (whew, what a title :-) of which I used to be a member came up with the idea to attach a specific theme to each of the quarterly meetings. Links to what hopefully will become my contributions to this will be found under this header. Some of them will obviously be found on the USN or Phantom pages as well, but others will only be found here.

IPMS South New Years projects

Traditionally, the owner of the aviation shop that hosts the first meeting of the year of the Dutch IPMS South chapter comes up with a theme to work on for the next year. Projects so provoked will be found here.

UAMF group builds

Someone at the Unofficial Airfix Modelers Forum came up with the idea of group builds, and time and circumstances permitting I'll be taking part in some of these.

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