IPMS South/Flash Aviation

The first meeting of the Dutch IMPS South chapter is hosted by Flash Aviation, and the owner traditionally comes up with a theme for project to be presented the next year. My entries for these themed meetings will be found here.


The theme for 2008 was "Things that never flew with the KLu". Plenty to choose from, of course..

Esci Skyhawk in a what-if KLU scheme.

2011 Comic book challenge

This year's theme was anything flown in a comic book. There's plenty of flying going in in comics, but just about the only ones in my collection that have any flying in them are the 'Buck Danny' series. This is completly crowded with aircraft, of course, but most of these carry historical or almost historical markings. In other words, they're completly un-interesting in this context. Still, I think I managed to find some interesting exceptions to this rule.

And then, no doubt to my future regret, I got ambitious. Tinkering up some decals from a comic book series everyone in the group know, and sticking them on semi-obsolete kits earmarked for disposal just didn't seem enough. I wanted something original, memorable. So I dug into my collection of anime to look for some aircraft, based on a series or movie that also existed in comic book form. I ended up looking at Bela Cielo, with a mixture of anticipation and dispair. After all, what idiot would consider a complicated project with an absolute deadline for a first attempt at scratchbuilding..

Predictably, Bela Cielo didn't even get properly started before the deadline. I fully intend to do this at some point though, and have been digging up info and drawings. For now, it will have to wait. Still, I guess it's appropriate for this particular project to lie dormant for a long time..

'Pirate' Saab Draken from the 'Buck Danny' series.
Sonny's 'Flying Tiger' Skyhawk from the 'Buck Danny' series.
Bela Cielo from 'Place promised in our early days'.
Hoping to start one day..

2014 Hobby Boss grab bag

Hobby Boss Spitfire Vb

2016 Airfix

Airfix 1/12 Showjumper
On hold

2017 Colourful models

Colourful, the man said. Oh dear, talk about spoilt for choice...
Just some random stuf that came to mind almost immediately:

Somehow I don't think I'll be able to limit myself to a single entry here. This is going to be wild..

Hasegawa Idolmaster Typhoon
Hobby Boss 'Maple Leaf' Hornet
Art Girona 'Duellists'

2018 Broken Wings

Not related to our yearly competition, but I have nowhere else to put this..
At the March 2017 IPMS meet, our host had put literally hundreds of old, worn out models on shelves and in crates, to be purchased for peanuts and scrapped for parts. I couldn't resist suggesting an impromptu competition to see who could pull off the most spectacular recovery of one of these wrecks. Enough people took the bait, so now I'd better put my money where my mouth was and get building..

Phantom salvage
Tomcat salvage
On hold

2020 Ypenburg 1961

As a combined ESM and New Year's project, we replicated the static display put up by the Dutch Airforce at Ypenburg in 1961. My victims below..


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