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Viggie #2
2003 Project start

This is the first 1/72 (as opposed to the box scale Monogram) Vigilante I started. It is also the first kit that has suffered extensive surgery at my hands. All that has been accomplished so far, is that the top of the fuselage has been sawed off, at which point the Kangnam kits and the cockpit sets mentioned on the Vigilante page arrived, and building this kit was put on hold.

Since my return to the Vigilante project, this kit has seen quite a bit of action, although mostly as a jig to build the new upper fuselage on. In order to do that, the fuselage halves have now been joined, the air intakes added, and the rear upper deck glued in place. Also, to my subsequent regret, I sawed off the cockpit area roughly at the level of the tops of the air intakes. This seemed like a good idea, until I relaised I was going to need some of that plastic in it's original position in order to create masters for replacement canopy lids. For now the kit can continue to serve as a jig, but as soon as I start to work on the cockpit areas I'll have to switch to one of the Revell/Kangnam kits.

Viggie 2 has now officially outlived it's usefulness. What's left will sit in the stash, until the conversion set is finished and the first actual conversion completed. At that time, I'll decide whether or not to attempt to resurrect this kit an an A-5A, or to toss it in the spares bin.

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