picture of the sprues

Dark Fire Designs Z-95 Headhunter

Project start 2024-05-21

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the Z-95 Headhunter from the Star Wars franchise. A forerunner of the more famous X-wing, and a contemporary of the elderly Y-wing, it doesn't get much attention in the movies, but this is a large franchise..
The Headhunter is also quite hard to find; to the best of my knowledge there are no models of it other than those intended for use a game pieces. Times are changing though, and odd scales have very little meaning when 3D printers enter the picture.
Although they've stuck a different name on it, this is most certainly the Headhunter
There aren't all that many parts to deal with. Depending on you needs, scale, and printer capabilities, you can choose to have the main hull as a single piece, or up to three segments. I figured I could do without a join just behind the cockpit, but left the nose cone off to better hide the escape holes needed to hollow out the main bulk.

In addition to the parts shown, there are also a standing and a seated pilot, with two different heads (which become absurdly small when scaled down to 1/72), and a display base, which I'll ignore.
Dry fitting shows good fit of the parts, with only a bit of filler likely to be needed. Cleaning up the bottom of the fuselage, where all the supports for printing were, turned out to be relatively low effort, which was quite a relief. Cleaning off support stubble, occasionally growing into molehills, is not my favourite passtime.
The canopy was printed at extremely low layer thickness (and speed) and is sufficient, if not perfect, with no further postprocessing than a coat of varnish. This is one of the reasons why I'm gratefull for the well behaved parts; I want to show off the canopy the club meet next Sunday, and I would much prefer to take a complete model than just a canopy.

Well, I did mention that the part count was low, and fit good. Main construction is done.
I glued up the various bits, but with exception of the forward gear bay, this was not really necessary, as friction would have kept everything in place anyway.
There's some minor seams that need filling. Once the glue has cured I'll whip out the Milliput and deal with them.

picture of the sprues

Well, getting this done before tomorrow is not going to work out. Quite apart from real life happening more insistently than planned, the paints didn't like me. I'd put on a nice even coat of blue, but hadn't worried all that much about overspray. Then masked as usual, and put on the white/light grey. Which ran under the tape, and flat out refused to get into many deeper spots, neccesitating a few recoats to get rid of all the blue, and manual repainting of almost all of the blue. It's not as even a blue coat as it was (but goog enough), and looks even worse in the picture.
Still, the Headhunter is beginning to show proper colours.

Finishing materials:

Fire Scale white primer overall
Mr. Color 65 Bright Blue cheat line
Humbrol 4 parts 34 white to 1 part 129 Gull Grey overall

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