Sukhois and other USSR planes

When picking subjects for my self imposed list of things I could 'legally' add to my collection, I decided to scratch an old itch with regards to Russian military aviation. For some reason, 'MiG' has become synonymous with 'Russian warplane', and I find that annoying, since the other design bureaus also built lots of interesting stuff, but never got the attention for it that MiG did. So, what you'll find here are lots of Sukhois, some Yaks, Ilyushins, and Tupolevs, but no Migs. My private little sanctuary for neglected Russian warplanes, if you will.


Listed here are the various projects in this section. The dates reflect the most recent update, and link directly to said update.

2003-11-08 Airfix Ilyushin-28. I guess it makes some crazy sort of sense that the first project to show up in here is not a Sukhoi, but something else.
In progress
2015-03-15 Zvezda Su-47 Berkut.
2015-03-15 Zvezda MiG-31 FoxHound.

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