Individual fantasy figures in larger scales

I'm never one to pass up a freebee, especially when it's a funny one, so when I ran into this design by someone who goes by MZ4250, I just had to grab it. The cat was painted with a witches brew of enamels, oils and acrylics. Despite being about 25mm tall, I think it belongs on the larger scale page.

Graphics went AWOL

One of the first 3D models I downloaded was the "Dark Merchant" by Flesh of the Gods. As supplied, this figure is in 32mm scale, but since most of my collection is 54mm or 28mm, and because I wanted to experiment with resizing figures, I printed copies in all three scales. Some of the 32mm have since found better homes, but I decided to paint up the 54mm and 25mm (yup, I goofed) prints myself, with identical colours. I must admit to getting somewhat fed up with all that luggage, but I like the end result.

This figure has had a long and tough 'career' as a guinea pig, more so than was planned. In hindsight, it should have had a proper project page, but I didn't keep track of this "quick little test figure."

The Green Lady and her identical twin were originally printed as part of a test shot to compare two different types of resin. Both came out fine, except that the swords they were holding were warped (on the other) and bent like a banana on this one. "What sword", you may ask. Well, I tried to straighten the blades using hot water, and went just a bit too far with this one, resulting in "ping" followed by a stream of unpublishable language.
So, snapped sword, alternative kit needed. I cut off the remains of the hilt, and started drilling out the final bits of it directly in the right hand.
Cue another ping, from most of the fingers taking off to parts unknown.
By now I was in "too stubborn to see sense" mode, and rather than ditch the print, I added the short staff (just a piece of Evergreen rod, really), and rebuilt the fingers around it from Milliput.

Then the painting started. Both these ladies were marked as test subjects for non-human skin tones, this one green, the other will become silvery grey. My initial attempt at green skin using oils was a disaster. I'd put on a dark beige undercoat, and then tried to smooth out little dots of paint, as I usually do with faces and such. Did I mention this figure is 150mm, and before the piece of cloth gets added, naked? That's a huge amount of skin to cover.
I gave up on this rather quickly, wiped the figure clean, and then instead tried a sort of blended layering approach with the same paint, slightly thinned with white spirits. I wasn't pretty. Very splotchy result, and, very uncharacteristically for oils, to fast to tweak the result back into something more pleasing after a few hours. Also, the green was entirely too brown.
I gave it a week or so to properly cure, and then mixed up a new batch of green, which I then applied thinned ever so lightly with the 'native' linseed oil. This came out a lot better. All these re-tries resulted in a very uneven sheen, so I used high gloss varnish to even it out, followed at the very end with satin to get the "somewhat shiny with sweat after a fierce workout" look.

The green that turned out too brown was mixed up with "gold ochre", "mars black", and "yellow, deep", while the more succesful mixture was based on "cadmium yellow" and "ultramarine (green shade)".

This figure started out as a very, very naughty full figure, but I figured it would work even better as a bust, so I modified it into one. Painted with my usual oils.

Graphics went AWOL

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