Individual fantasy figures in 25mm scale

I picked up a considerable number of as a spin-off of one of my other hobbies, roleplaying games. Mostly these are individual figures, with no relationship between them, and those are the ones you'll find on this page.
The great majority of these will be from Grenadier's (anyone remember that company?) 'Fantasy Personalities' series, sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I've always been rather fond of his range, mainly because the level of anatomical improbability was much lower, especially in the women, than in any of the other ranges at that time, and her adventuring and fighting women actually had more clothes on that the proverbial chainmail bikini, a style which always struck me as totally ridiculous.

The first miniature I've painted in a long time. Incidently, this is not an original miniature, but a ripped off copy by your's truly. At some point in the past, I decided I could do with an army of about twenty or so "bad guy" figures to use in one of my roleplaying games, and that there was no way I was going to fork over a load of money for them. So I made a mould for this figure and a few others, and one of the results is pictured here. Of course, the army never came to be, and of the dozen or so castings I made, this is the only one still around (the rest vanished when I moved to my new house). The mould is still there though, as is the original figure. Should anyone be interested, this was number 718 in Grenadier's catalogue.

Graphics went AWOL Graphics went AWOL

The latest addition, officially a Bretonic Knight form the Warhammer tabletop game.

Graphics went AWOL
Graphics went AWOL

This figure is from the same enemy army building experiment as the archer above. I borrowed the original figure from a friend and made a mould of one of the figures from this set. The box art is a direct copy of the painting "What do you mean we're lost" by Keith Parkinson. Several casts were made from the mould, but the bad guy army never came into existence, and the casts languished for years.
Fast forward a decade or so, and I decided to finally do something with at least one of them, and I got to work painting. This too stalled, in no small part because the wings just looked silly. Another break of several years, and I got fed up with this bit of bench clutter and tossed him out. That is, I dumped him next to the smelter to be recycled into something a little more useful next time I decided to cast something in metal. Waste not, want not and all that. There wasn't any metal production for a few years after that, and it sat there on death row throwing baleful glares at me.
Finally, a few weeks ago, I started work on a proper dragon, and decided I might as well give him another shot as well. This time round, I modified the cloak to be able to leave off the wings, and actually got him painted up completely, and I was quite pleased with the result.
That's when I varnished the figure, and in under five minutes it transformed into an irrecoverable frosted mess. Much very, very foul language was uttered, and the Draconian was dumped in cellulose thinners to rot the paint off. It hadn't looked quite so bright and shiny in decades.
Re-painting followed, and I finally ended up with a completed Draconian. Still looks like a nasty, cranky git, but this one at least has an excuse for it..

The gnome turtle tank, ready to create some mayhem.
While the concept seems hilarious, somehow this model never seems to really work for me. this is the first time I managed to complete it, and even now, I feel it should have been better. Guess you can't win 'em all..

Graphics went AWOL

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