Individual fantasy figures

I picked up a considerable number of as a spin-off of one of my other hobbies, roleplaying games. Mostly these are individual figures, with no relationship between them, and those are the ones you'll find on this page.
The great majority of these will be from Grenadier's (anyone remember that company?) 'Fantasy Personalities' series, sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I've always been rather fond of his range, mainly because the level of anatomical improbability was much lower, especially in the women, than in any of the other ranges at that time, and her adventuring and fighting women actually had more clothes on that the proverbial chainmail bikini, a style which always struck me as totally ridiculous.

The first miniature I've painted in a long time. Incidently, this is not an original miniature, but a ripped off copy by your's truly. At some point in the past, I decided I could do with an army of about twenty or so "bad guy" figures to use in one of my roleplaying games, and that there was no way I was going to fork over a load of money for them. So I made a mould for this figure and a few others, and one of the results is pictured here. Of course, the army never came to be, and of the dozen or so castings I made, this is the only one still around (the rest vanished when I moved to my new house). The mould is still there though, as is the original figure. Should anyone be interested, this was number 718 in Grenadier's catalogue.

Graphics went AWOL Graphics went AWOL

The latest addition, officially a Bretonic Knight form the Warhammer tabletop game.

Graphics went AWOL

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