Dragon lady

The crazy cat lady, high fantasy style...
"He's such a good boy, really.."

The dragon was produced by Citadel for their Warhammer games, and had been lurking in my stash since pretty much forever. Something about the little blighter always yelled "put me in a vignette" at me, but it never seemed to happen. Sometime last year (or was it earlier..?) I realised his head was at just about the right height off the ground for the 'witch' to pet him, and things got out of hand from there. I don't know which company made the old woman; the blister she came on has long since been lost, but I like the level of detail.

The annoyed neighbours are from Grenadier's range of figures by Julie Guthry, a clear favourite of mine. Their daughter is also by her, but was part of the Ral Partha sets of Wolfriders based on the Elfquest comics.

Sadly, only Citadel remains of the companies that produced these figures.

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