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Hasegawa T-33

Project start 2016

I bought this kit a few years back pretty much on impulse, because the markings looked good, and I'd never even heard of the "Whisky 4" display team. The moulds for this kit are from 1969, and by the standards of those days, quite good. The moulds are old and tired now, though, and the appearance of the Platz and Sword mouldings a few years ago was long overdue. Remarkably, the only other tooling of the T-33 was Heller's 1980 verion, and then nothing for over 30 years before Sword and Platz picked up the subject. How such a classic plane could remain so underserved is beyond me.
The far newer Platz T-33 looks far more promising, but since I'd started this one I figured I might as well continue working on it and see where it leads, using the now obsolete, but almost as spectacular Platz decals.

This kit has been on the bench as 'filler' for a while now, and the fuselage has been closed and sanded smooth. Any surface detail has been lost while fighting fit issues and general clunky construction. Should turn into a nice, if somewhat featureless model, eventually. I'm hoping to come out the other end, so to speak, with the featurelessness, and put a nice shiny metal finish on it, which will benefit from the totally smooth surface.

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