Disposal list

Sad but true, sometimes there are kits in your stash that you just know you'll never build, and that the time has come to find a better home for them. Below is the list of kits that need to leave my home. I've listed prices for each of them, but feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse if you think I've gone totally nuts.
Unless noted otherwise, all kits are complete to the best of my knowledge. Do note however, that these are not factory sealed or in sealed inner bags, so all you have is my word and the hope that my visual inspection was accurate. Shipping will cost you whatever it costs me to ship by the method of your choice. I'll do my best to keep the costs down by using second hand boxes and other packaging materials, but I can't promise in advance that I'll have something lying around. In any case, what you pay is what you'll see in stamps or receipts.
My contact information can be found on the main page.

Cover of volume 1 International Airpower Review, volume 1. € 10.00
Cover of volume 5 International Airpower Review, volume 5. € 10.00
Cover of volume 8 International Airpower Review, volume 8. € 10.00

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